Crab Island and Fireflies Tour Details

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Crab Island Tour. A unique and adventures tour that starts with a drive to Port Klang previously known as Port Swettenham. The 30-minute ferry rides then take you by the Sea Mangrove Swamps to a fishing village known as Pulau Ketam (Crab Island). What makes Pulau Ketam fascinating is that a visit here, is like a journey back in time, where Chinese traditions, wooden homes and fishing are very much a part of life. Pulau Ketam is full of fishing village scenery. All buildings are built 3-5 feet from the swampland. During high tide, houses look like floating on the water giving a wonderful and romantic feeling.

Enjoy the walking tour around the village and will pass by fish market, school, Chinese Temple, fishermen boats, traditional Chinese Wooden house and modern houses. Stop for a sumptuous seafood lunch served with Chinese Tea. Return to main land by ferry.

Proceed to the biggest mosque in Malaysia - Blue Mosque (Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah). The dome traditionally designed capped with a special rosette of Quranic Verses. The double-layered space frame. Dome soars up to 350 feet above the ground and is 170 feet in diameter. To match the majestic size of the dome, four minarets were built. They are positioned at the four corners, arising over 460 feet from the ground and one of the tallest minarets in the world.

The final place will be the Thean Hou Temple which was built-on 1989. Situated on a hillock, this magnificent Chinese Temple has golden roofed pagodas and strings of lanterns. Located inside are three majestic statues of deities, including the main deity Thean Hou. The ornate architecture and scenic surroundings lend a serene atmosphere to the temple. Within its grounds are status of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. In the basement area, shops sell a variety of items such as woodcarving and other decorative pieces.

Fireflies Tour, our last stop is to see fireflies by night at Kampung Pasir Penambang. It is a small agricultural village and is widely known for its large firefly colonies. While enjoying a pleasant boat ride in the Selangor River, it noted the fireflies consistently patronized the serenity of the mangrove areas.

Firefly is a type of insect from the beetle family. The 'Pteroptye tener' species are the largest species found in Kampung Kuantan. The fireflies here are unique because of its tail that produces light. The light flash by each insect is at an accurate interval of 3 seconds. Imagine watching thousands of fireflies flashing their light at an accurate rhythm. The fireflies are 6 cm in length. The male fireflies flash out brighter lights than the female counterparts. This is because the male must attract the female fireflies during the mating season. The lifespan of firefly is about 2-3 months.


  • King Palace (Photo Stop)
  • Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Klang Town (Drive Pass)
  • Port Klang Jetty
  • Ferry Ride (30 minutes ride)
  • Boat Ride to see fireflies (Visit Stop)
  • Bukit Melawati (Fort Altingsburg) Silver Leafed Monkey (Visit Stop)
  • Bukit Rotan - Sri Shakti Devasthanam Temple (Visit Stop)
  • Crab Island (Visit Stop)
  • Stop for Seafood lunch (Visit Stop)
  • Palm Oil Tree (Photo Stop)
  • Blue Mosque (Visit Stop)
  • Thean Hou Chinese Temple (Visit Stop)
  • Seafood Dinner (Visit Stop)
    Vegetarian food served upon request (Please inform in advance)
(Lunch, Dinner & Entrance tickets including. We will provide mineral water.)


  • Frequency : Daily Departure
  • Duration : Approximately 13 hours
  • Pick up time : 0830
KLTT31 - Crab Island and Fireflies Tour
ADULT 2 PAX RM400.00
ADULT 4 PAX RM380.00
ADULT 6 PAX RM360.00
CHILD (3-12 YEARS) RM 220.00
The price stated above is for per person.we provide car baby seat upon request.
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0830: Pick up from any major hotel in Kuala Lumpur Proceed journey to Crab Island Photo Stop at King Palace Thean Hou Chinese Temple Visit to Blue Mosque (Biggest Mosque in Malaysia) Drive Pass - Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Klang Town
1030: Reach at Port Klang Jetty Ferry ride to Crab Island
1130: Crab Island - Fishermen Village, Wooden houses built 3 - 5 feet from the swampland Local fish market, Chinese Temple and Stop for seafood lunch
1400: Back to main land by ferry Proceed to Kuala Selangor town in the quiet hamlet of Kampung Pasir Penambang. It is one of the largest firefly colonies in the world.
1730: Upon arrival at Kuala Selangor, visit Bukit Melawati - The hilltop view offers a sweeping view of Straits of Malacca and the mangrove swamps of Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Also found there are Silver-Leafed monkeys and food will be provided for feeding of the monkeys.
1800: Seafood Dinner / Vegetarian food served upon request (Halal food is served). This is a good place to view sunset.
1930: Proceed back to Kampung Belimbing, the place where you can see fireflies. The mangrove trees lining the river banks glow after dusk like Christmas trees. Witness the light and glow of the fireflies while enjoying a pleasant boat ride in the Selangor River. It is noted the fireflies consistently patronized the serenity of the mangrove areas.
2230: Drive back to Kuala Lumpur.


Minimum : 2 Adults
Others :
This package includes lunch, dinner, mineral water, ticket for boat ride, insect repellant and peanuts for monkey feeding will be provided.
Firefly also known as "KELIP-KELIP" in Malay language.
Vegetarian food is serving upon request. Please inform in advance.
They serve Chinese tea in the restaurant.
Soft drinks, juice, beer & wine is at own expenses.
Please wear comfortable walking shoes.
Dress Code for Batu Caves:
As Batu Caves is a holy place for Hindu faith, visitors must abide to the following rules:
Wear cloths that is not over expose your body, i.e. especially ladies
T-shirt or shirt with sleeves is allowable
Do not wear Short Pants or Hot Pants
Do not wear Short Skirts or Mini Skirts (above knee level)
Long Pants are allowable
Our tour pick up and drop off based in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya/Damansara area ONLY.
Apart from these area we will charge for pick up & drop off service charge.
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